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"Kiki & Ana - The Child" is a cute story experience.

-Focused on story, art, and music.

-Must avoid hazards which some find difficult.

-Takes about an hour to complete.

WARNING: flashing lights, light gore.

Get the soundtrack here: https://horrorshopgames.itch.io/the-child-soundtrack

Feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/wQVbsHt


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The Child.zip 482 MB

Development log


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SAME PLS I HAVE EXAMS wait....i have 144$ psh im rich now!

The game is quite a piece of art beyond horror it just fascinated me.

Also just to make sure how many endings are there?

im kinda sad since you have to pay and i cant pay qwq, but still, ill watch all gameplays and ill always like this game, and when ill be older, ill buy it too :D

Thought it would be time to review this Visual Novel since my last video did so great! I found some more endings so this is ONE of them! Hope everyone enjoys (^ -^)

it's cute and scary. check this out:

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Great game to play at night, and better with lights off, i mean what's the deal about it? There's no such thing as teddy bear will come alive and kills you or a girl magically turns your house into a maze from hell.
Wait someone is knocking at the door i'll check it out

its been a month are you okay 

uhhhh it's three months... who was it? ana? no seriously  where are you gone



I finally got the game and did some play. Again, loved this one! :D Cannot wait for more of your gamessss. Here is my playthrough


why does this has to be downloading

like why



I watched this on yt and finally found this game! only to find out it cost money, watch LaurenZSide's Video: www.youtube.com And Search: LaurenZSide The Child It's the only reason why i wanna play it because it's fun!



dopo quanro mi arriva il gioco?


E' un file, arriva subito


Please Make It Free Its So Good And Im Poor To Pay It Please Its So Funny and Creepy


i think the same but i don't think a poor person can have a computer or what device you're using lol, but yes i also would liked if it was free, it's just that the creator worked so hard he had to make his time a little more worth it. and it's only 2 money- but yeah im not gonna buy it because i dont have money (im only 13y/o), my mom should buy this for me qwq

its my friend's pc

Great game just finished it, check part 1 


Please make a part 2 of this game, where, maybe, Ana gets kidnapped or idk.

But if u need ideas, text me on Discord: ItzFIre#2690 (If needed, i'd help with money too!)

Mother love u always, no wait i wrong chat

i love this game :) i watch the gameplay here 

hehe Gabby è un grande, poco da fare

English: hehe Gabby is great, thats a fact

lo so ahahaah

grande gabby ahah

good history and good characters


please make it free begging rn


REally? Dude its just 2$ + vat. Here in Italy I paid it 2.02€ Dont be that greedy, a developer still worked on it and he invested his time on it





Sorry to break it to you, the dev isn't going to make this free

What a great throw back to 8 bit horror games bruh.


i want this game free because is not popular anymore

make it free 

make it free

or just make a version for nokia phones lol because the graphics.


If it's not popular anymore, why should you want it?


To play


bro it costs 2 dollars 

it's not much 

1: pixel graphics are just its own style. its not bad just because it uses pixel art

2: the team behind this needs at least a bit of money. the game is legit 2$. its not even that much


but I have seen people playing this game I just loved it so much I wanted to play. But I don't have money so please make it free or if you have a demo let me try please


I may gift it to you, text me on Discord: ItzFire#2690 (I'm not gonna give you the version I paid for, I'll buy you a license)


can I play this game without buying


Yes. Pay.


hello here one my fav gamerplay but he is Italian but he know how to speak eng 


I was able to get 2 endings and i'm running straight to find the rest! This was worth 2$ everyone who enjoys visual novel/rpg's should give this a chance from beginning to end.

Here's my playthrough for ALL to explore, Enjoy!


Nice Game I Love It


The Creator deserve  money for the game they make its a good game and $2 isnt that much for how much is in it. So guys stop asking for them to make it free.


2$ for this game was worth it I agree. It's the price of a choco bar (^-^)


Please take out the game for free because not all of us have money to buy this great game please


I don't have money either but stop asking the creator to make it free, the creator deserves money for making this good game.


sorry to break it to you but its not gonna be  free


me: oooh a nice game

my bank acc: HA no <3

me: D;






I don't have money either but if you want to see the game, watch gameplays, sure it's not as thrilling as actually playing it but you shouldn't ask the creator to make it free, they put a lot of effort into making this y'know.


find game play of it or play mother! its free


its sad that you to pay ):


It's sad people think this is not worthy 2$.  Sad people dont value artist's effort... It's the price for a coffee, jesus christ....

I saw the game from laurenzside and it's a very good game, I have to play it too


I am  boomer how tf do I open this

click on the file, click "extract all" and it will unzip then you can play


they cant just make it free they deserve money out of this game stop asking to make it free :


I might not play it a lot so I won't waste my money

aw really wanted to download this! welp my parents will 100% wont lemme buy this but its rlly good!

Does anyone know what software/website they used to make this game; ho much did It cost to make it??

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