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The winter is long and food is getting scarce. Mother loves you always!

Plays like a visual novel in which you can freely move around.



English - ไทย - Português

Thai translation credit: https://m.facebook.com/Azpect-Translation-100733018451559/?tsid=0.02806477386015...


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hi can you make a zip virson for windows please?

the end part is a little hard-


The game was short but interesting 

Thank you 

For Translation


Lmao Mother Is Kinda Hot...


shes so fine

Nothing works for me

i like the creativity

I like this game its cool,a game where your own mother kills your brothers.And then tries to kill you, good job horrorshopgames.

jogo muito bom slk


How pretty the mother is,i want to be catched by mother and enjoy mother`s beautiful appearence.I love mother forever.

this game is psychological horror that makes me feel emotionally sad and always getting on my head ,the first time I feel sad for a game. good job HorrorShopGames for making awesome games

same  tbh i almost cried ;-;

This was a nice experience, nice art style and cute pixel graphics :)

The game is cool and has a very dark plot, which I love! I did a video a while ago about it, and wished to share it here. Thank you for the game, and the horror experience!

Also, Mother is hot but deadly lol

ngl shes hot lmaoo🤩

Whelp that is really dark, sort of saw it coming but still it was so sad watching the children try every day. Game was a lot of fun, and the story was great. Very glad we got to fight back in the end! 

It could be really nice if you coul save her.

But the end as really sad. The game is 10/10!

oh my gosh rhis was such a nice game 10/10

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, this was unexpectedly dark and delectable.  Can't wait to see more!

10/10 game, short and simple and immersive kind of way, sound design, that was superb as well, nicely done on that part and character design was astonishing overall best RPG game I have ever played so far


short, deep, sadness .


This was fun to play. I was kind of expecting the ending but I was really hoping that it wouldn't be that type of ending. Did the mother kill the father?

This was pretty fun!

Well.. kind of funny how two games on opposite ends of the spectrum share the name mother.

I really enjoyed this game, it was super fun to play! 

I wish this was on stream 

The amount of effort to make me feel bad about the mother and way she treated herself in the end, really damped the mood but never the less. It really made sense for a situation like this happening, RIP mom. Even though she's digital, I forgave her in the end of the game :)

amigo, esta en español?

dude i absolutely fucking loved this. fantastic game


In a hypothetical situation... What would everyone else do in Mothers shoes?


I didn't even hate her, she's just too caring for her children... in a weird way.

This game is nice and crazy and...sad...


So I don't usually do this, but I had to ask...

Did anyone cry at the end? I mean this seriously and not a meme.

I don't know, maybe I'm just messed up, but I just felt so sad and I cried. I should have be scared or angry or something but instead it just felt so sad instead.

i cried for a week

I have a problem with the diner can any one help me? 

hello i need help how do i go to the actual game bc every time i open it ,it takes me to ibs paint

I think that's the case for me too. Unfortunately this game doesn't seem to work with Chromebooks and some other devices. To your device it seems like a picture to edit so...Yeah, It's so annoying

honestly that was one of the best games ive ever played:) it was so sad but also cut... well not really but idk i loved it tho


Remember, mother loves you, very, very much.

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