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The winter is long and food is getting scarce. Mother loves you always!

Plays like a visual novel in which you can freely move around.



English - ไทย - Português

Thai translation credit: https://m.facebook.com/Azpect-Translation-100733018451559/?tsid=0.02806477386015...


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Well.. kind of funny how two games on opposite ends of the spectrum share the name mother.

I really enjoyed this game, it was super fun to play! 

I wish this was on stream 

The amount of effort to make me feel bad about the mother and way she treated herself in the end, really damped the mood but never the less. It really made sense for a situation like this happening, RIP mom. Even though she's digital, I forgave her in the end of the game :)

amigo, esta en español?

dude i absolutely fucking loved this. fantastic game


In a hypothetical situation... What would everyone else do in Mothers shoes?


I didn't even hate her, she's just too caring for her children... in a weird way.

This game is nice and crazy and...sad...


So I don't usually do this, but I had to ask...

Did anyone cry at the end? I mean this seriously and not a meme.

I don't know, maybe I'm just messed up, but I just felt so sad and I cried. I should have be scared or angry or something but instead it just felt so sad instead.

i cried for a week

I have a problem with the diner can any one help me? 

hello i need help how do i go to the actual game bc every time i open it ,it takes me to ibs paint

honestly that was one of the best games ive ever played:) it was so sad but also cut... well not really but idk i loved it tho


Remember, mother loves you, very, very much.


Very good and bizarre haha <3

yk the part where ur in that room? and u have to get out and mother is chasing after u that part is confusing

here a gamerplay too 

Sad I took so long to play this. It was really amazing! Gonna check out more of your stuff next.


DETTA ÄR SÅ COOL omg det är som
det utlovade neverland och ett indiespel 
kombinerat jag älskar det här spelet den sista 
delen var komplicerad

THIS IS SO COOL  omg its like the promised neverland and a indie game combined i love this game the last part was complicated 


Pls fix the Mac version, or it might just be my version of Mac, if MacBook Pro  is the problem pls update it a little :)


The walking animation is so cute ;;


definitely something I enjoyed hehe  adorbs.


ikr I didn't play but watched it on yt


Mother will always provide. No matter how hard life may be!

I highly recommend you play this awesome and eerie game :0

Here's my playthrough for ALL to explore, Enjoy!

Did a brief review to get more  opinions :)

does anyone know how to open files from an apple product?

how do we play on chrome?

I dont think you can get it on a chromebook-

i cant play it its not letting me :<

Were you able to get it working or still unsuccessful :( ?

(1 edit)

On windows you can access it straight from the file itself when you've got it downloaded.

Mac on the other hand i'm not sure...

me encanto es muy buena la historia 

 time to download this cool game

it said it could harm my device

Me too

i instaled this game and windows defender recognizes as a virus .Its a virus or my computer is fool. i think


your computer is fool. The game is not a virus.

Deleted 256 days ago
Deleted 256 days ago

One of the best horror games I play <3

Ive played it now and its really good!

I have watched someone play this but havnt played it myself and it looks really good and it definetly scared me!


the promised neverland be like-


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the music is really good here, also the 8 bit style is just like old horror games, the way the mother looks so calm is really scary also and the purple on the moms hair and the purple on this site really stands out, great job!

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I like to game and the game is interesting. Game is GOOD

for some reason the game doesn't load. all it says is: Warning: this game contains flashing lights. Press "F" for full screen. What do I do?

press space

i like gameplay :D

the mother is hot

She milf

Whoa a tad too much.


Keep your dirty thoughts in your own mind dickface.


how is calling someone hot dirty skhfdi

I love the game and I even made a video about it. I'm not asking for you to check it out but if you do please tell me what you think.

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